The Back Story

FoodAMed Vegan Restaurant and Emporium was born out of a doctor’s desire and determination to stop or reduce the incidence of chronic disease using healthy nutrition. In 2010 Dr. Dona Cooper-Dockery, a practicing internist, realized that those suffering from diabetes, elevated cholesterol or heart disease would continue to have complications, despite being prescribed “the best drugs for chronic diseases”, and that she could do more for her patients through education on healthy lifestyle, than by using medications alone. Many studies list food as the number one risk factor for chronic diseases and death. 

Dr. Cooper-Dockery experimented on herself and adopted a plant-based diet, which she credited for helping her lose 25 pounds and improving her blood pressure.

“I realized that as healthcare providers, many of us are not actually treating the cause of the problem. This is what I needed as the number one therapeutic approach in assisting patients to experience better health.”

– Dona Cooper-Dockery, MD

After Dr Cooper-Dockery’s life transforming experience using food as medicine, she began to share the same with her patients. Many of her patients experienced significant improvement in their health, thus requiring reduction or complete elimination of medications. With such positive results on healthcare outcomes, Dr Cooper-Dockery opened the Cooper Wellness & Disease Prevention Center, where the focus is using healthy lifestyle modification to impact healthcare outcomes. The Cooper Wellness Center team uses a holistic approach to treating patients, including healthy nutrition, exercise, stress management and spiritual renewal.


“We are delighted to have had the opportunity to cater a private dinner for former President Bill Clinton. As a vegan restaurant, we were thrilled to provide delicious and nutritious plant-based dishes for President Clinton and his guests. President Clinton has long been a advocate for plant-based diets and sustainable food systems, and we are honored to have had the chance to support his commitment to healthy and environmentally-friendly eating. We are grateful for the opportunity to have served President Clinton and we hope that he enjoyed the dining experience that we provided.”

Make the thing Anything is Possible

Enjoy our luscious dishes wherever you want

FOODAMED comes to life.

Despite the fact that patients were now learning how to prepare healthier meals at cooking classes, they wanted to have these meals prepared for them thus giving them easier access to tasty, healthy meals that would positively impact their overall health. Out of this demand, FoodAMed Vegan Restaurant was later established in December 2018, to give the entire community of RGV access to using food as medicine.

FoodAMed Vegan restaurant offers a beautiful, natural and minimalist ambience for dining, a take-out menu and our popular 7,14 or 21-day meal plans. Our menu spans the globe with Asian, Mexican, Italian, Caribbean & American style cuisine. We also feature detox waters, 100% percent juices, sweet treats, sandwiches, soups, smoothies and salads among others. There is something for all ages and preferences.

All our meals are well seasoned, prepared with love and utilize the best ingredients we can find, locally sourced when possible. They are all cholesterol free, diabetic friendly and we also offer gluten free options. Our team has seen numerous individuals use our meal plans to lower cholesterol and blood glucose levels and lose weight in addition to many other benefits.

Our BIG Mission

It’s sweet and simple,

“FoodAMed Vegan Restaurant & Emporium exists to promote abundant health and prevent/treat chronic diseases by providing a pharmacy of 100% love-made, plant-based meals,  pantry options, and education on holistic health and wellness.”